For more than 30 years, the Polish company, INTERkraz has supplied conveyor idlers, idler frames and anchor components for:

·         underground and open cut mines,

·         quarries and cement batching plants,

·         materials and mineral resources,

·         port infrastructure and airports,

·         warehouses and manufacturing plants

INTERkraz Australia products have been tested to meet all required quality standards (Australian Standards, FRAS, NSW Mining Design Guidelines, SANS, DIN, & ISO).

We provide a standard 24-month warranty on conveyor idlers and can manufacture to individual specifications for dimensions, shell thickness and bearing type.  All idlers are powder coated.

INTERkraz products are exported to many countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and are now available in Australia.

Rest assured, that no matter what you need, you can rely on INTERkraz to provide the absolute best.

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