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Critical design elements for impact idlers include transfer point applications and all points where there are high loads which would cause damage to smooth rollers. This design takes into account the free-fall height and the conveyed material’s bulk density as well as lump size and the requirements to absorb excess kinetic energy and ensure stability of the conveyor belt.


Impact idlers are covered with durable FRAS approved rubber that is resistant to fire, abrasion, chemicals, dust, water and overload. Therefore, they can be successfully used for many years in the construction, mining, power, and chemical industries.


Impact idlers are manufactured from steel tube with rubber discs extended over them to ensure the absorption and dispersion of energy of the free-falling material. Discs are made of robust rubber resistant to abrasion, chemicals and heat. The idler is protected with a five element compact labyrinth seal to prevent penetration of water or dust present in the workplace.