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Steel idlers, because of their high strength and resistance to deterioration in harsh working conditions makes them ideal for the mining industry. Our idlers are constructed to the highest quality, manufactured under strict quality assurance guidelines.


The steel tube is the component that determines the durability of the entire idler, and at the same time reduces the resistance of the load applied to the conveyor. Therefore, it is necessary to select the thickness of the idler that relates to the wear characteristics of the material being conveyed. Although custom sizes are available at INTERkraz you may choose wall thicknesses from 2.9 mm to 6 mm as standard.


The perfect idler should combine reliable operation with a long service life. The latter is particularly important in industries where working conditions are tough and the environment is characterised by the presence of dust and/or water corrosive to the mechanical components. Protection of the idler against this occurrence is possible thanks to the multi-stage labyrinth seal that we use as a standard component.