INTERkraz Australia has had independent roller testing completed by TUNRA Bulk Solids, at the University of Newcastle to confirm conformance to relevant Australian standards

  • AS1334.10 Methods of Testing Conveyor and Elevator Belting,

  • AS4606.12 Grade S Fire Resistant and Anti-static Requirements for Conveyor Belting and Conveyor Accessories

  •  MDG3608 Non-metallic materials for use in underground coal mines.

  • ISO2878 Rubber; Vulcanized or thermoplastic – Antistatic and Conductive Products – Determination of Electrical Resistance

  • Maximum Indicated Slope (MIS)

  • Total Indicator Runout (TIR)

  • Rim Drag

  • Dust Ingress

These reports are available upon request.

You can find more information on the testing services that TUNRA Bulk Solids provide at their website https://www.bulksolids.com.au/services/